Thoughtfully Bitter,

Bitter Social will be a reflection of what Thoughtfully cafe already has on offer but for an evening clientele. Our drinks will focus around coffee, tea and well-being. Our style will be considerate to the space and will provide an informal atmosphere for the neighbours and guests to unwind without the pressures of a big night club or noisy bar.


Thoughtfully Cafe helps you through the day, Bitter Social will entertain you through the evening. Come join us for nightcaps, relaxed vibes and a great selection of herbal liqueurs from all around the world.

BOTTLE wallpaper.jpg

A nightcap isn’t just the last drink, it’s a moment in time. Helping you unwind, reflect and then prepare for whats next. Our choice in music will be a reflection of this.

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You don’t have to drink to enjoy a good night out. We will offer a number of 0% cocktails along side a selection of pickles and oysters so that no one is left out. Quality first, always.