food at bunch

fresh oyster 2

baked oyster 2.5

daily ferments (vv) 4 

bread + butter (v) 4

beer sticks 5 

chicken pate on toast w/ sumac onions + sour dough 6

butter beans, greens + orange wine (vv) 6

beetroot radicchio salad (v) 8 

charred hispi w/ pumpkin seed mole 8

rarebit w/ lemon ketchup (vv) 8

jackfruit wellington (vv) 10 

shittake ‘scallops’ w/ parsnip + apricot (vv) 10

hand cut noodles w/ lotus root + pork fat 10 

tin o’ fish w/ seasonal salad (prices vary)

seafood plater 20

fried custard fingers 5

the menu changes with the wines

if you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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